Water Cooler

Nothing is more refreshing than a cold drink of water. But what can you do if your tap water doesn’t taste right in your office? You can solve this problem by installing a water vending machine from Vend For U.S. at your business. Employees can purchase bottles of ice cold water and always make sure that they are hydrated while doing their jobs. They will be healthier and happier because they have the ability to drink tasty water.

Along with water vending machines, we also offer office water coolers. This gives employees the ability to fill up their containers with healthy water for free. Contact us today about our office water coolers, vending machines and other drinking water solutions for your office.

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Ice Maker, Hot & Cold Water Cooler
Hot & Cold Water Cooler, and K-cup Coffee Brewer

About Vend For U.S.

Vend For U.S. was founded in 2001 by David Lepedzhyan, who saw the need for high-quality vending machine services in commercial and public locations, and started with 3machines.

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