Combo Vending Machines

It used to be that you needed to have two different vending machines if you wanted to give people food and drink options. That isn’t the case anymore -- now you can have it all in one with a new combo vending machine installed at your location. Vend For U.S. can help you to get a new vending machine that allows you to offer soda, snacks and other food options all from the same machine. You can choose from different types of combo machines to find one that has the perfect mixture of food and beverages.

Along with choosing from different types of food and snack options in your machine, you can also select from different types of cash and coin that a customer can use to pay for their products. A combo vending machine from Vend For U.S. gives your customers more options when it comes to getting something convenient to eat or drink.

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About Vend For U.S.

Vend For U.S. was founded in 2001 by David Lepedzhyan, who saw the need for high-quality vending machine services in commercial and public locations, and started with 3machines.

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