Healthy Vending

People are more interested in eating healthy than ever before. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to bring healthy and delicious snacks with you wherever you go. There will be situations where a person needs to get a quick snack to eat to get them through the day but the only thing they have access to is a vending machine. This is usually a major stumbling block for anyone looking for healthy snacks to eat.

This doesn’t have to be the case -- not when you can have a fresh healthy vending machine from Vend For U.S. installed at your site. You can have a vending machine stocked with smart food and drink choices for your employees to enjoy on their breaks. The healthy snack food choices available include:

  • Heart healthy snacks that are filled with nutrients to protect the heart and are rich in fiber while being low in cholesterol.
  • Healthy drink options such as water and 100 percent natural juices that can replace sugar-filled sodas.
  • Healthy snack food choices such as nuts, granola bars and healthier “popped” chips.
  • These are significantly better for you than the traditional candies, potato chips and other sweet and fried snacks.
  • Healthy ice cream choices that can help you keep off the pounds.

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About Vend For U.S.

Vend For U.S. was founded in 2001 by David Lepedzhyan, who saw the need for high-quality vending machine services in commercial and public locations, and started with 3machines.

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